Video Testimonials

The Power of Video Testimonials

You know how powerfully influential a testimonial can be for your brand. A problem however is that it’s rarer for real consumers of your brand or product to organically submit raving reviews. When people are happy with their purchase, they often disappear into the sunset. It’s more likely that someone who is disgruntled will spam your page, comment on your posts, or make negative remarks on your ad campaigns. This is especially true if your brand has become the primary voice for…your brand. What do I mean? Consumers know that you’re going to tell them that what you produce is the best, it’s lifechanging, or that they can’t live without it. They know that YOUR livelihood depends on them buying your stuff AND being happy with it. Consumers are less likely to be positively influenced when it’s you and only you telling them that whatever you have to offer is something that they need to have. Running your in-house ad campaigns can certainly be a good and profitable approach but it shouldn’t be the only tool in your advertising arsenal.

Why Consumer Testimonial Videos Are So Influential

When consumers (your potential customers) see other real-life users of your product, raving about the advantages, they’re pulled in. There’s often a story that connects them to your product. A real-life situation where they say, “Hey, that’s me too.” Or they related to having experienced something similar and think that what your brand is offering might also help them. Real consumer testimonials are a powerful asset for your brand, but what do you do if they don’t just happen naturally?

When Your Customers Don’t Submit Testimonials

There are plenty of reasons that organic customers don’t submit testimonials, and especially not testimonial videos. Some of these reasons could be:

  • They don’t even think about it
  • There’s no benefit to them for submitting a testimonial
  • They’re not well-spoken or comfortable sharing their thoughts
  • It’s even less likely they’re comfortable sharing their thoughts on video

Additionally, you might run into permission issues in the rare case you receive a usable testimonial video. You’ll always need to make sure you’re using it with permission if you’ve received an unsolicited media asset like a video testimonial.

How Can You Acquire Real Consumer Video Testimonials To Be Used As Media Assets For Your Brand?

The solution is to work with a creator who represents your organic consumers. A creator receives, uses, and experiences your product or service and can genuinely share their experiences. This type of User Generated Content comes with a predetermined agreement for usage so that you never run into a problem when using this video testimonial content on your website, social platforms, or in ad campaigns.

When working with a professional creator, you’re also guaranteed that key points regarding your product or service are being presented when “talking points” are discussed in advance. When done correctly, consumer video testimonials will work like solid gold to further the message of your brand and convert to sales.

UGC Video Testimonials For Brain Surge IQ

The Upside of Working With a Content Creator to Produce Video Testimonials for your Brand:

  • Budget friendly
  • Contract and payment directly to the creator
  • Guaranteed deliverables such as 60-second fully edited video testimonial and still photos
  • Work directly with the creator for clearer communication
  • Chose your level of involvement with the creative process
  • Fast content delivery
  • Not dependent on the creator’s social account for visibility and results although posting to their social media account can be an option

Hire An Experienced User Generated Content Creator

Dawna Stafford has been creating influencer and user generated content since 2012 which began with her brand’s social channels @fitguitargirl. Beginning at the age of 18, she started a career in radio broadcasting as an on-air host, sound board operator, and program producer. These skills have carried into her work today as Owner and Creative Media Producer at Retro Crush Media, LLC. Dawna has worked with a wide variety of brands to create highly effective user generated content, and has many happy clients who testify to her confident style, educated delivery, and authentic presence on camera that stands out.

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