Video Testimonials Boost Sales For Your Business

Are you using real-consumer video testimonials in your ad campaigns?  If the answer is no, you’re most likely missing out on huge returns. Research shows that 79 percent of people prefer video testimonials to learn more about a company or product. Testimonials are frequently cited as the most effective form of advertising by marketing professionals but how do they know this?

A/B Testing

A/B testing as it is referred to in marketing, usually involves two variants of an ad concept. This means that more than one version of a particular ad can be running simultaneously in any given campaign. A/B testing allows marketers to determine in real time what consumers are responding to whether they be static images, info graphics, brand videos, or consumer video testimonials. So, why are video testimonials the best thing you can do for your ad campaign?

Video Testimonials Build Trust & Credibility

The greatest benefit of video testimonials is that they build trust and credibility for your business. Testimonials act as a virtual word-of-mouth which has been unanimously agreed on by marketers as the most powerful marketing tool. Consumers will put their trust in a person who they feel like they identify with, relate to, or know in some way.

Written testimonials are great and can be easier to come by if you’re following up with customers and offering an incentive to submit a written testimonial. Video testimonials on the other hand are far more difficult to obtain but they are so effective because they allow consumers to see and hear a reaction which will be far more compelling when deciding on a purchase. How can you have video testimonials created for your brand? The answer is User Generated Content.

What Is User Generated Content (UGC)?

User Generated Content is any type of content or media including images and video, created by consumers. Research shows that 70% of consumers are more ready to believe User Generated Content, such as real-consumer video testimonials, than they are branded content. There is perceived trustworthiness, and this is why brands all over the world are making huge investments in consumer generated marketing.

Some of the benefits of UGC include:

  • Cost Effectiveness – A UGC Producer typically offers a flexible pricing structure based on the media that you want delivered
  • Brand Loyalty – You are highlighting your customers rather than relying on branded content. The positive things your customers have to say about your product or service have far more influence than your own branded content.
  • Credibility – When consumers see and hear your customers talking about their experience with your brand, you seem more approachable and relatable to more people

Hiring A UGC Creator

It’s evident that organic, video testimonials are unlikely to drop into your lap. Working with an independent UGC Creator will mean that you can help guide the narrative on highlighting your brand, but at the same time, allow the creator to be authentically expressive in the way they experience your brand. The result will be something that expands your message beyond what you ever could with branded content. It’s a fresh face, authentic voice, new energy, and perspective.

When you’re ready to start working with an experienced UGC Creator to create testimonial video, reach out and we’ll talk about the simple way to get started on your project!


Real-Consumer Video Testimonials

The Benefits of Working With a Content Creator to Produce Video Testimonials for your Brand:

  • Budget friendly
  • Contract and payment directly to the creator
  • Guaranteed deliverables such as 60-second fully edited video testimonial and still photos
  • Work directly with the creator for clearer communication
  • Chose your level of involvement with the creative process
  • Fast content delivery
  • Not dependent on the creator’s social account for visibility and results although posting to their social media account can be an option

Hire An Experienced User Generated Content Creator

Dawna Stafford has been creating influencer and user generated content since 2012 which began with her brand’s social channels @fitguitargirl. Beginning at the age of 18, she started a career in radio broadcasting as an on-air host, sound board operator, and program producer. These skills have carried into her work today as Owner and Creative Media Producer at Retro Crush Media, LLC. Dawna has worked with a wide variety of brands to create highly effective user generated content, and has many happy clients who testify to her confident style, educated delivery, and authentic presence on camera that stands out.

View Dawna’s brand demo reel, learn more about the user generated content that can be created for your brand, and preview her client portfolio at:

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