Trusted Brands Run Ads With User Generated Content To Boost Sales

Your videos converted, bringing in sales. It has been our highest performing creative to date! Our client is expanding its brand and launching new products in the summer, we will be reaching out to you for more UGC.

Sinéad Fitzgerald

Senior Account Manager,

Trusted brands and agencies invest their advertisement dollars to put user generated content in front of consumers because they know if converts to sales. User generated content allows brands to feature their products or services through the experiences of their customers. For consumers this not only helps drive brand awareness, but also increases trust in the brand, seeing just how it is being used in the hands and lives of real customers. 

Dawna Stafford Wilson has been creating commercial content since 2012, working with a diverse list of brands and agencies to produce video testimonials that convert to sales. Her content is frequently running in ads placed by both brands and agencies who monitor results, and through the success of conversions and sales, continue to run for months or well over a year.

The success of these UGC ads also means that these same brands and agencies, return to Dawna as a content producer for ongoing and repeat content writing, recording, and editing. Dawna’s UGC ads can be delivered as raw footage for editing by brand or agency, or as completely edited video that’s ready to drop onto your brand’s social channels or into your next ad campaign.

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