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Need Content For Your Ad Campaign That Gets Results?

Video reviews by a consumer of your product are a powerful and effective way to answer questions about your product, neutralize customer’s concerns, and present the most important benefits of your product through the voice of a real consumer.

Video reviews help you to connect with your audience in a more authentic way to build brand awareness. Reviews can not only be used on your own website, but also your social platforms, on Amazon, or in ad campaigns.

Product review videos allow explaination in much more detail to help the consumer understand and connect to your product. Seeing and hearing about your product ensures that your audience can connect more effectively and understand why they need what you’re offering, how it will solve a problem, and how it will be useful in their lives.

From Script Approval To Delivery Of Fully Edited Video

Retro Crush Media provides creative concepts, script writing and approval, first draft video, then on approval, digital delivery of fully edited video in 9×16 and 4×5 formats. Additionally, text overlay, graphics, and closed captioning can be added. Dawna Stafford Wilson, Senior Producer at Retro Crush Media, will work to understand your brand and product, and come along side you to understand the key points about your product that need to be highlighted. 


Product Video Review Sample

The Benefits of Working With a Content Creator to Produce Product Review Videos For Your Brand:

  • Budget friendly
  • Contract and payment directly to the creator
  • Guaranteed deliverables such as 60-second fully edited video testimonial and still photos
  • Work directly with the creator for clearer communication
  • Chose your level of involvement with the creative process
  • Fast content delivery
  • Not dependent on the creator’s social account for visibility and results although posting to their social media account can be an option

Hire An Experienced User Generated Content Creator

Dawna Stafford has been creating influencer and user generated content since 2012 which began with her brand’s social channels @fitguitargirl. Beginning at the age of 18, she started a career in radio broadcasting as an on-air host, sound board operator, and program producer. These skills have carried into her work today as Owner and Creative Media Producer at Retro Crush Media, LLC. Dawna has worked with a wide variety of brands to create highly effective user generated content, and has many happy clients who testify to her confident style, educated delivery, and authentic presence on camera that stands out.

View Dawna’s brand demo reel, learn more about the user generated content that can be created for your brand, and preview her client portfolio at:

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