Client Testimonials


The posts and videos are incredible. You did an amazing job!!

Casting Networks

Out of a nationwide search, Dawna was one of a handful who were cast for this project. She is the cream of the crop.

Steven P. Nemphos

BrainSurge IQ

Your videos converted, bringing in sales. It has been our highest performing creative to date! Our client is expanding its brand and launching new products in the summer, we will be reaching out to you for more UGC.

Sinéad Fitzgerald

Strongboard Balance

We love the content you make and appreciate your passion! You’re so cute and fun!

Adella Curry

The Hero Co

Really appreciate your professionalism and the turnaround time! Thanks for the multiple takes. So much easier to choose “the best” delivery.

Christian Soare

Power Life by Tony Horton

OMG Dawna this (video) is amazing!! Thank you SO much!

Power Life by Tony Horton

MediaWire Marketing

You did such a great job with your collaboration with Oats Overnight! Our team was really impressed with the content you produced and with how attentive and accommodating you were.

MediaWire Marketing


These (videos) came out AMAZING! Thank you so much. Thank you for the incredible content!

Joe Penney-Hadewycz

Thanks for being a great partner on this project! You’ve been great to work with.

Joe Penney-Hadewycz

Daniel Toft Co.

Hey Dawna,

Just a quick note of appreciation as we head into the weekend for your amazing work thus far on WonderCow and Hilma. It’s been such a treat for us to get to work with engaging, dynamic footage like yours. Really hoping we get to partner up again soon!!

Emily Spring

Hustler Marketing

We really loved your videos! Thank you so much. We’ve already approved them, hope you have a nice day!

Metabolic Living

Metabolic Renewal

Looking forward to the next video project – you are awesome!

Jack Rutkowski

UGC Social

I watched your video and it’s amazing! You’re so good at what you do. I love the editing and captions, it makes everything look so smooth and put together. I honestly love it. You’re so good and I’m so happy to have you here at UGC Social.

Salmon River Beef Company

This was amazing! Thank you so much! Really appreciate the work you put into these videos. You are next level!!

Will Schlader

Conqueror Challenges

We would like to express our sincerest appreciation for the trust you have placed in us. Thank you for being part of this campaign and for your amazing work until now! It was a pleasure working with you.

The Loft 325

Lauren Schwartz The Loft 325

Thank you for everything you have done while working with us. Your content has been amazing and you are such a joy to work with. And we look forward to everything we can do in 2024!

Lauren Schwartz